Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ice on the Erie Canal

This is the earliest I've ever been on a ride outside. It's March! And usually we have snow, rain, snain, or it's just cold - not the case this year. It has been gorgeous, warm (50's and 60's) and most of the snow is gone. So I decided earlier this week that if Saturday was as nice as it's been I was going to ride. And so I did!

I started out late - about 12:45pm. I gave blood this morning so wanted to get enough fluids and food in me so I didn't pass out while riding. The first mile saw me laughing to myself - what a difference between riding inside and outside. The wind, the birds, the water, the people - boy did I miss that!

Whenever I come up on a person I usually warn them by calling out "Behind you" - well for some reason I didn't call out to this one lady - there was another bicyclist coming towards me, she had earbuds in and so I just went by her - but she turned to look at the same time and I think that she jumped a foot. I stopped to apologize and we talked for a few minutes. She moved here from Maui! - yep that's what I said - Maui! She was born and raised here and left for quite a few years and came back. There are a lot of us like that - Upstate NY is wonderful!

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