Sunday, November 9, 2008

Great Visit with Mel and Vera!

Otsego Lake, Cooperstown, NY

Mel and I did a lot in the 2 days that she was here. It wasn't fair that it was so short - and it didn't help that I am sick and coughing. But - we did get to hit places in Utica, south of here and Old Forge. I wrote of Fly Creek previously - I apologize - I have a feeling my writing was a distracted as my coughing is making me crazy. Old Forge was nice - it was rainy but we got to go to the Old Forge Hardware Store and Melanie was able to do a little more Christmas shopping. It was rainy and we had lunch at Walt's Diner - a nice little 'greasy spoon' diner. If you like fresh french fries it's the place to go. The potatoes are peeled, cut and fried to order! Yum!

There were still a lot of snow piles up there from the snowfall before Halloween. Of course most of them were mucky dirty, but Mel got to see snow!

We did go to Michael T's for Riggies and Greens - like Mel wrote before. The greens were very good - love the hot peppers. I had wanted to go to Chesterfields, but honestly didn't have the energy!

Then Mel was up bright and early and on the road - but had a safe and event free trip to JFK. I just heard from her and she is safe back in California! So, that is a good thing!
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