Thursday, November 6, 2008

Heidelberg Heaven

Guest Poster Melanie here....

I arrived here in Utica after a side trip to Lake George (Note to Google - your directions aren't very clear!)

After a nice long walk around the neighborhood, Michelle & I went over to "The Balkan" - a restaurant & bakery by the Heidelberg bread folks (which I've never heard of).

After a week of bad hotel and conference food, this was such a treat! We shared a Rueben sandwich, made with Pastrami instead of the Corned Beef. It was so flavorful! And just the perfect light snack after a good long walk.

But even better than that was the apple tart! There's a wonderful case of all sorts of baked goods there at the restaurant. They had carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, pumpkin cookies, several types of strudels. We picked the apple tart to share. It was made with puff pastry, with just the right amount of apples and cream. Delightfully light and sweet, it brought me to my happy place. :-) I highly recommend it.

My first taste of Utica cuisine was a raging success!
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