Friday, November 7, 2008

Karam's Middle Eastern Bakery

So Mel has been dragged all over Utica, Cat Town, Fly Creek, Bed Bug Hill Road and Cooperstown! But boy did we have fun!

Karam's was wonderful! As usual! We had hummous, tabboule, kibbe, meatless grape leaves and to top it all off baklava! For those who don't know Karam's Middle Eastern Bakery is in Yorkville on Campbell Ave. I was first introduced to it about 22 years ago by a Polish lady that I worked with at Fraternal Composite. I couldn't believe how yummy it was and never forgot it. I've always like going back there and have introduced many people to it.

But I must admit that today was wonderful sharing with Melanie!

After we went to Karams and enjoyed the flavors and tastes - we headed to Cat Town where my great great grandfather had lived and built a home and barn. Then, of course, I had to take her on Bed Bug Hill Road.

After the ride on a muddy road...and getting pictures of Georgie and Vera in snow... We have a lot of pictures of them at Fly Creek and in Cooperstown. I'll be posting them soon!

Mel got a ton of her Christmas shopping done and it was just a wonderful day.

Dinner was Trios Pizza! Yum! (and in case you don't know where that is, it's on Main Street in New York Mills)

And now I am sitting here, trying to type, but getting sleepy. I'll look at this tomorrow and most likely retype all of it as I am just too tired to continue and have a lot to tell you and share about our day.

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