Friday, November 21, 2008

Sorry about lack of posts!

I do love living here - there are so many good things about Utica. But I have to post a GRIPE! We have two hospitals here - St. Elizabeth's Hospital and St. Lukes Hospital. My mom has been to both - St. E's 98% and St. Luke's 2% of the time. My grandfather always went to St. Luke's and he passed away at St. Luke's Home, so St. Luke's is just difficult to be in at times.

St. E's - well she's been there 3 times this week alone to the ER. Tiny bit of background - she has brain damage from radiation treatment of throat cancer. Apparently it hit the back of her brain and has effected her in such a way that she has partial simple seizures, uncontrollable blood pressure and brutal screaming headaches. We can handle the 'calmer' ones - but three times this week her BP has hit 240/120+. She had an appointment set for Thursday with a new Neurologist in the area - she had an appointment with him previously but I had to change it because she was in the hospital at the time. Well - the Doctor at the ER on Tuesday was really glad that she was going to see this guy- and don't you know - we got home from the ER and this neuro's nurse called to change it to December 19th. God help me, I wanted to go there and scream at him. We've been trying to get in there forever! We've called him, my mom's primary care has called him and yet we can't get in any sooner. My mom has been in the ER probably 30 times in the last few months. Finding a good Neurologist in this area is impossible.

Here is the optimistic side of me. The neurosurgeon that put the coils in mom's brain to stop an aneurysm and he placed 5 stents in her carotids and left subclavian artery (all of which were caused to be much smaller due to the radiation). Anyway he is in Buffalo - his name is Dr. Adnan Siddiqui - He ROCKS! well we have an appointment with him on December 2! I just pray that he will have something in his bag of tricks to help mom. These seizures, headaches and blood pressure fluctuations are killing her.

So - my lack of posting is mainly because I am finding it hard to get the words out. One of the blogs that I follow is and Elden is going through even more than I am with his wife Susan (WIN!). There is just so much stuff going on I can't seem to write any "warm fuzzies".

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and please - if you have anyone in the hospital that you love and care for - be proactive in their care. Make sure their medicine is given at the right time and in the right way. Make sure that they are getting assistance when they need it.

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