Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mel's almost HERE!

My friend from California - Melanie, is in CT for business and is trekking all the way up here to spend a few days with me! Woo Hoo! We are going to try all kinds of local foods - since my mention of tomato pie and chicken riggies and halfmoons - we have to! But I also want to fit in a taste of Karams - possibly Symeons. LOL - we don't have the stomach or the time to do this. Trios Pizza on Friday night though! YUM!

But my plan right now is to go to Fly Creek on Friday - I love the cider mill and all of the cool stuff that they sell there - but going on the weekends is insane! Plus I can take her on Bed Bug Hill Road. And then on Saturday we'll go to the Amish store on Route 5 in Kirkland and then up north to the Old Forge Hardware Store - Mel will love it. And I hope that we can take a few walks and see Utica up close and personal. No bike rides for me I'm afraid - I've been fighting a lung infection and coughing is just not giving up. So walking will have to suffice.

So - look for some posts from me and Mel - I'll let her post her thoughts about Utica here! It'll be good to have an outside opinion - especially from a born and bred Californian!
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