Saturday, August 9, 2008

12.69 Miles

That was today's ride. I was going to go up Route 12 again - heading south, but then at Seward Ave and Sunset, I took a right instead of a left and decided to go to the Rayhill Trail. So - I go out to Chanatry's - hang a right to just under the bridge and hang a left (can't remember the name of that street) and go down by the Ramada - the trail starts there and when you get to Commercial Drive in New Hartford you have to use the cross walks - but I will admit I feel safer when I do. Then up the trail to MiddleSettlement Road and continue across it. I followed it all the way to Clinton Street and then turned around.

It was a beautiful night for a ride. If you've never been on the Rayhill Memorial Trail - it's worth a walk or a bike ride. You can park, up off of 840 by Clark Mills Road. I would suggest not going on it at dusk - without good bug spray! LOL - I had to be very careful to keep my mouth closed at 11mph! I don't need that kind of protein.

There are areas where you can get off the trail and see the geese, fish, flora and fauna, it's really quite well done!

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