Saturday, August 2, 2008


Last night - feeling stressed and tired and wanting a beer or two or ten, I decided instead to walk until I couldn't walk anymore and listen to WTTM - that's Window To The Magic. It's a podcast that Melanie, my friend in California, told me about - it's all about Disney! There is one podcast in particular that I love - it's the live Aladdin show and it's a hoot. I digress, so...I put on my walking shoes, grabbed my iPhone and plugged into Disney magic. I went up to Genesee Street and then up Emerson, to Holland, to Harriet, to Oneida. At Oneida street I had to make a choice to go up or down. I thought that I could get into the cemetery where Justus Rathbone's statue was by going up. Well I was wrong. So then when I got up to the entrance to Master Garden Road and the other cemetery I decided to go up Master Garden. It's up and up and up some more. Well I took some pictures as I went up, I'll add them at the bottom of this post. But when I got to the top - I thought that walking down the grass hill/ski slope would be easy. LOL - I was so very wrong! There are times when I had to walk sideways because the slope was so steep. And it was muddy up there too! But it was a great walk and my thighs got a good work out. When I got home I passed out and slept better than I have in awhile. Today I was hoping for a bike ride - but it may have to wait until tomorrow when the weather is friendlier.

The image is a little dark - it was getting late. But it's still nice.
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