Thursday, August 14, 2008

I forgot

I think that I was going to blog about this and it fell out of my head....I went to Saranac Thursday last week with my brothers and sisters in law. I have to admit it was my first time down there in like 4 years. We met down there at Sickenberger Lane, right next to Hollyrock. My youngest brother and his wife were staying with my middle brother and his wife and they were coming in from Whitesboro. Since I only live a few miles away - I drove down and parked past Huntington Street on Cooper. LOL - it's good that I always wear comfy shoes.

I know that people love it down there at Saranac - but I must be showing my age - it's cool - but the blaring music - 5 different kinds from all the bars fighting to be heard is not pleasant to my ears. I knew quite a few people down there - but I also saw a lot of young women that didn't look any older than 15! LOL - that really shows my age!

But - not trying to bash Saranac Thursday - I think that it could be a ton of fun! Plus don't forget I'm a tad stressed these days - so not really my scene. But it was great to spend time with my brothers and sil's. I only stayed for a couple of hours, 5:30 in the morning comes early.

Oh - and when I was growing up - on Erie Street - not far from the brewery, Varick street looked nothing like it does now. The people that have opened the bars and stores and restaurants down there have done a very nice job in cleaning up and making the street look better. The police presence was very welcome, especially when I had to walk back to my car! While parts of west Utica are getting better other parts are still hurting, I hope that that can change soon.

I'm going camping in a few weeks and look forward to posting about that. I'll be on Seneca Lake and spending a few days just getting R&R...
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