Monday, August 11, 2008

God's Bowling

That's what my mom used to tell me when I was growing up when there was lots of thunder and lightning storms. It's funny - they don't bother me if I can sit on my front porch, with a pillow and or blanket and just watch and hear them coming down the valley. But lately it seems like all of our storms are crazy strong. That, or I am so stressed and tired they are amplified in my brain.

I got soaked 3 times today - all with a big umbrella - it was just raining that hard! Right now it feels like fall, but I am guessing by early next week the heat will be back.

Mom is still in Rehab - it's not a bad place. Actually if she had been sent to the place where my grandfather just passed away in I would still be crying a week later. She's getting physical therapy, she has company during the day, even when she has high blood pressure 'attacks' she is in a good place. They monitor her, give her oxygen (that helps with the headaches), they give her the good drugs that help her BP come down and her to relax. It doesn't smell bad there either. The other place that Yankee (aka grandfather) was in smelled so bad of all the sprays that they used to cover up the 'bad' didn't work.

She is heading to Philadelphia in a week to get some tests done and see what these doctors say. I'm not going - my sis-in-law, my brother (maybe), my nephews and niece and my sis-in-law's mom are going. I've been to Boston twice for this and Buffalo twice and don't have any more time coming to me.

I know that this isn't about Upstate NY - but I hope it explains why I haven't written as much. I'm at the home every morning and night...and trying to have a life in the meantime.
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