Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm going CAMPING!!!!

Well - first I have to try and sleep tonight, then I have to sit through some work tomorrow. This is like Christmas to me! I'm so excited! (Or as my co-workers say - I am just nuts!)

Georgie is ready to go too! I had a bit of a scare, I couldn't find the little guy. He went with friends to Florida to DisneyWorld and was given back to me, but it was on a scrapping night. I'm never responsible for what I do and where I put things on scrapping nights.

So- the car is packed. The cooler and bike will get loaded on tomorrow after work - then I'll go see Mom at the home and I'll be "On the road again" woo hoooooooooooo!

I'll try and upload some pics and small stories while I'm camping - it depends on the Edge network out there!

Talk to you all soon!
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