Friday, August 1, 2008

Greens and HalfMoons

That got your attention, didn't it? They are both very yummy, just not together!

Utica Greens - Yum! It depends on where you go as to how they are made - but the recipe I have linked looks pretty close. I like them spicy - this post is making my mouth water. Chesterfields on Bleeker Street in Utica has some seriously tasty greens - and I've had good ones to at Michael T's out on Seneca Turnpike - and many other places in between! Some places have potatoes in theirs - some are pretty bland - others are blazing hot! But all in all they are just Yummy! I couldn't find any pictures - I'll work on that!

- These can be found everywhere! It's a cake style cookie - and by that I mean it has more of a cake consistency than that of a cookie. They usually come in chocolate or white bottoms - and believe me, people have their preferences. And the tops are 1/2 white frosting and 1/2 chocolate frosting. During different holidays you'll see different frosting colors like red and green for Christmas, orange and chocolate for Halloween, pastel colors for Easter and everything in between! I love to have them with a big glass of milk! It's about the only time I will drink milk.

As to who has the best - well I used to love the ones at Hemstroughts- (this link is to their recipe) but they aren't in business anymore (that I know of). Holland Farms are good, but they can sometimes have way too much frosting. I've heard that Gingerbread Bake Shop has good ones too.

Well - now that I have talked about food for this long - I'm going to go have some lunch!
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