Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summer Mornings

So, here I am, sitting on my front porch with my cup of coffee. I just finished reading the paper, saw a "Happy Birthday" ad in there for a young man that used to be my little brother's best friend. There was a picture of him and his baby girl! Man that makes me feel old. My brother and this boy were inseparable when they were younger...they were a hoot together. Never afraid to try anything!

In fact this reminds me of some stuff that we used to do when I was younger. I think that I mentioned Left Turn Right Turn before in my blog. My mom used to take us on those LTRT trips - but then sometimes we would go to places that we saw as scary and mom and I would make the windows go up and down 'magically' and the engine would die and I would scream - LOL - you probably had to be there, but it was scary / funny. The doors would 'open' on their own. We'd imagine that Freddie was out there. Our favorite place to do this was out by the Marcy Prison - before the Walmart Distribution Center was built. We used to go over by Chaminade - that at that time was not being used - it was so scary. And we also used to go down Barnes Ave - LOL, what a bunch of goofs we were! My mom always told me that she hoped I had a daughter that could shriek like me - well I don't have any children, but my neice can hit my high notes with ease. My brother's friend, that I mention above used to go with us too!

We also used to, and my mom and I still do, go to Cooperstown down Rt. 28 - but before you hit Fly Creek there is a left turn that will eventually take you to Fly Creek, but down there is a little area with some very old houses and a creek - that was where my mom's grandparents lived. It's beautiful down there and at one point, if you make a left turn you get on this dirt road that leads into Cooperstown (eventually) called Bed Bug Hill - we love going on that road, it's an adventure all on it's own.

So - you get all this "walk down memory lane" because I sat on my front porch this morning to enjoy coffee, the paper and the neighborhood waking up noises. It is gorgeous out and I look forward to the rest of the day. I'm washing and waxing my car today - LOL - I honestly looked into buying a new one because I soooo didn't want to do this, but it will be a good thing. Honest hard work never hurt anyone - LOL - those are my mom's words.

Have a wonderful, blessed day!
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