Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Introducing Georgie - the Gnomad

Okay - this picture is from two years ago - but it still makes me crack up. Georgie was given to me 3 years ago (is that right Mel??), his cousin Vera is in California - and then there are all other relatives all over the place. They travel with us - we take their pictures and post them on gnomads.net. Well - I used to be good about posting them, but I still take Georgie with me on my trips.

This is my tent - and the place I camped at last time on Seneca Lake. This time - the weekend, I'll be at Seneca Lake again - but in a different campsite - and no trees in this one area - but that's okay - I get to go camping and that is the most exciting part of the whole deal! Woo HooO!!!!

My plans, so far, include a wine trip on Saturday with Brenda and Dave! Woo Hoo! Sunday I am going to head down to Watkins Glen and do the "Behind the Waterfalls Tour". It's a fairly short hike and I'm bringing my bike with me, so I can go for a ride too if they have bike trails (I think that they do). I've got to do more hunting on the web for bike routes and the like. Riding at the campgrounds is nice but I've done it previously.

All of my camping equipment (that I packed up 2 years ago and hasn't been out) was still in great shape! Woo Hoo! I'm so excited I can't stand it. The washing areas are a distance at the site where I'll be staying - so I'm bringing extra water - I can wash my stuff with minimum fuss.

On the Mom front - she is getting stronger. The insurance company is looking at her case - which is much better than last week when they had closed it and that was that. I have complete faith that God has his hand in this and things will work out. Please continue to pray that she does get stronger still and able to walk without the weakness that seems to hit. Her blood pressure is staying very low now, when it hits the 13x/7x it is hard on her - almost like when it was when it hit 200/1xx's. I'll keep you all up to date as I know more!
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