Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good News and Bad News

The good news is that my mom's blood pressure is not caused by a panic disorder or PTSD. The bad news is that it's probably - very likely actually - related to her having had 35 radiation treatments on her throat for cancer of the larynx back in 2002. (she smoked for 42 years - quit in 2000 and has had lung and throat cancer) And the other bad news is that the damage is not reversible and most likely it will be progressive. What does that mean? I'm not sure yet.

Dr. Stephen Messe at the University of Penn Med Center was very thorough, very kind and knowledgeable. He is the number 2 neurologist in the US. (According to my S-I-L's cousin Julie - who is a Biomedical Researcher at UofPenn). He was so kind in fact that if my mom's insurance doesn't cover him, he's not billing her.

He is sending her to a Renal specialist - it's more than that even - but I don't know the exacts yet. Most likely that means we'll be going to Albany or Syracuse to see this doctor - I only know of one kidney specialist in Utica area - and I believe he's not the type of specialist we are looking for.

So, my poor mom has a lot to chew on and get her head wrapped around. She has to get stronger so that she can come home. Please pray for her, that she'll have the strength for her exercises, the strength to face things as they come down the line and peace in knowing that God is with her and that we are all praying for her and will be there for her.

Thank you all...
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