Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bike Ride

It's been a stressful day today. Mom is in hospital - they decided to admit her because her blood pressure has been all over the map today. At one point 214/138 and then at the lowest 60/22 - insane - but she also said she had pressure in her chest - which is a new thing, so the doctor gave her Nitro - makes sense. But that and the pain meds dropped her pressure like a stone. Then of course they had to give her IV fluids fast to bring her pressure back up - and it went a little high - but right now she seems to be fine.

So, you are probably asking yourself where does the bike ride fit into this. Well after being at the hospital for 6 hours I decided that while she napped I would ride. I bought some of those Clif Shot Bloks - they are electrolyte chews. Boy did they make all the difference in the world. The flavor is ok - but when you eat them and then drink a lot - your body stays much more hydrated and boy did it work for me. I left my house (by Faxton) and traveled south on Sunset to Woodlawn - up to Genesee and then went down to Rt. 12. Went South on Rt. !2 towards Waterville. I have to tell you that Rt. 12 is my personal challenge - it's a hill - just flat out a big Hill. I've ridden 1.3 miles up to Paris Road a few times and then gone down Paris Road into New Hartford and back home. But today- with the stress and the Shot Bloks pushing me I made it up to Tibbits Road. Wow! it's about 1.8 up to that point (I think). Then of course you have to go up Tibbits and then it goes down a little and then back up and then the awesome part is a very steep down. It felt so good to just feel the air hitting me. I feel better than I did and now it's time to go back to the hospital and see how Mom is doing.

I just pray that someone, somewhere is going to look at all of my mom's symptoms and say "I know what the problem is...." At this point no answers stinks.
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