Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Views from Roscoe Conkling Park

I am always amazed when nature helps out with beautiful pictures - this is a little dark, but I still love the colors. I was working on getting my recyclables together tonight and realized it would be perfect night to go to Roscoe Conkling Park and get some pictures. The sky is clear and the sun was setting. This statue is in the cemetary - but I cannot for the life of me remember who it's there for. If anyone knows - please tell me!
This next shot is from Master Garden Road and the large building in the background used to be the psych center - I believe it's empty now. I know it's spooky over there - Old Main and the other buildings just seem to have a lot of stories to tell and there are times when I've ridden my bike through that property and gotten thoroughly spooked - but at the same time - it's a beautiful place.
The stone with plaque at the top of the hill at Roscoe Conkling Park. The sun was hitting it just right to get the rosy cast to it.
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