Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Church, My Family

I've always believed in God and that he gave his only Son for our sins, but I couldn't find a church that I felt like I belonged. I've gone to Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Mormon churches, but I finally found MY church and My new family! My mom started going to Hope Alliance Church a few years ago - it took me awhile longer. There have been some transitions there, but I really believe that God has had His hand in all of it and now we have Pastor Andy Ward. A couple of the people at church have done a wonderful job on the website. I would love to give them credit and I'll do my best to get their names. They also put up a lot of the sermons given by Pastor Andy and some of our Elders. It's wonderful to listen to the sermons again.

So - If you are looking for a Church, for a family, for some answers, for God, for Jesus, please come to Hope Alliance. It's on Middle Settlement Road in New Hartford. Check out the website too, there is lots of information there.
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