Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saranac Thursday Entrance Gate

I haven't actually seen the set up for Saranac Thursday in a long time and was amazed to see how much bigger it is. The last time I was there for any length of time, it was about 7 years ago and there were no porta-potties lined up like that - there was a wicked line to get in. So I am glad that they are adding to that. Because, frankly, Lotsa Beer = HUGE Need of bathrooms! :)

It is awesome to see how much Varick Street has changed since my childhood. There are restaurants, bars and stores that are just so well maintained. It's a pleasant area to be in.

Reynolds Hardware - What an awesome place! I had to get some keys made and had gone to Home Depot (because I honestly couldn't think of where to get keys made) and only 1 of 20 actually worked and they were 1.79 each - ridiculous. Well, a friend of mine, Vin, suggested Reynolds Hardware - It's on Varick Street - that's how I thought of it when writing this post. Anyway - they made all 20 keys at .75 each and every single one of them work. The store is small, but chock full and I am sure that the gentlemen that run it could find what ever you need! The big box stores don't have that kind of Customer Service at all.

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