Friday, July 11, 2008

Smoke Tree

Smoke Tree

Dew on the Smoke Tree - looks like crystals

This is a Smoke Tree that is in front of my house. It was planted about 6 years ago, a little 2 ft. high bush. My Mom found it at a WalMart for a few dollars - now it's about 10ft tall and is draw to anyone who walks in our neighborhood and it's a great conversation starter with the little kids. They love that it's so Puffy, and it's soft. You can run your hands over it and it's so silky.

So - plant stuff, watch it grow and invite children to see it and talk about it. Forsythia is another bright happy bush/tree. You know it in the spring as it is one of the earliest bright plants. It's bright yellow in the spring and then turns green in the summer.

Our homes, cities, towns, etc...are what we make them. There are parts of Utica that are really scary and need a lot of help, but there are also so many homes that are well decorated with flowers and bushes and yard art - and they are in our neighborhoods. Walk and enjoy the area...
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