Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Munson William Proctor Arts Institute - it's a wonderful mix of modern and antique. It's always been a sight to behold when you are driving down Genesee Street in Utica - You see this very modern black/gray marble (not sure what kind of material it is) building (right side) designed by Philip Johnson. Then right next to it you see Fountain Elms - it's a restored 1850 Italianate mansion. (left side)

Every summer there is a sidewalk art show - it's on for about a week and they ask for the public to submit their artwork, it's wonderful to see all of the talent in Utica and the surrounding areas.

There is a huge Jackson Pollack painting in the museum - you can't miss it, it's straight ahead when you walk in.

So, if you are ever in town, you should see what Munson Williams Proctor has to offer. There is also the Pratt at MWP Art School - it's pretty phenomenal. They have done wonders with the neighborhood behind the museum.

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