Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Jewel on Genesee Street

The Marquee was refurbished and brought back to it's original design including the W (it's in the middle of the front) it stands for Warner Bros. The 'new' part is the led screen - it's fabulous. The old marquee was the stick on letters that had to be changed by a person on a ladder with a lot of patience!

The New Chandelier - created by Meyda Tiffany in Yorkville NY - it's absolutely stunning and fits the entire decor better than anything that could have ever been made. It's also HUGE! It is 35 ft across! If you can, imagine there being a bare bulb there - because that's all that was there for the whole history of the Stanley. (If I am wrong about this please let me know)

Our local Theatre - "The Stanley" was saved from the wrecking ball in the seventies when the Central New York Community Arts Council stepped in and bought it. They put a lot of money into it and it has been a wonderful place to see 'Broadway' shows, rock concerts, country, classical music, christmas shows, plays, ballet, opera and my favorite are the Volunteer Murder Mysteries. Well, after many, many years of saving, scrimping and asking for money - they finally were able to do a HUGE renovation. It took a long time and the results are spectacular.

The Stanley (now known as The Stanley Center for the Arts) is just a beautiful place. The expansion project is allowing for much larger shows to come into the theatre. It's already received rave reviews for the loading and unloading speed of the trailers. The old door was a small garage door with a 6-8 foot drop to the stage floor. Many shows couldn't put up their entire set as there just wasn't room, the stage was too shallow and not wide enough. Not a problem anymore.

The Stanley Expansion was followed closely by a couple of photographers - I know Brian Ure for certain did a lot of the picture taking. Check out the Stanley website and you'll find all of the expansion construction pictures. It's amazing what they have done!
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